About Us

Mavtar Software


We are Mavtar Software, A Leading IT company and Tech. Enterprise. Our Work at Mavtar Software is not Limited to Only Technology, we Work in various Fields. "Mavtar Software" has been started in 2008 by young entrepreneur Name Vivek Dabhi as a proprietary firm in Rajkot, Dist. Rajkot (Gujarat).

The main objective of Our company was to work on Life Size Problem, and keep in mind to Serve Million. Our journey from single person company to a Tech-Enterprise took years, and in that process we worked with several big companies, solved many problems and made a quite effect on many lives.

Since the nature of our business involves Information and technology, we have done several projects for our clients and received a quite good review from them. we have now a quite big client base.

Hence we moved towards In-House project in Recent years, we took a liberty and started executing our own ideas.

We are specialist in all matters IT, Data, Security, ERP, CRM, Social Networking, App/web/Desktop Development, Cross Platform Development and many more aspect of Technology. we also started to work on some of future tech and ideas.

We are team of visionaries, here at mavtar software, no one is employee here, we are one big family.